The Strategic Location of Tripura

  1. Natural/ historical links with Bangladesh. Potential gateway between Bangladesh and North East.
  2. 856 Km. long border with Bangladesh. 7 designated Land Custom Stations. Healthy official trade growth; four-fold increase since 2006-07.
  3. Developing linkages with trade/industry of Bangladesh.
  4. Lowering of tariff/ non-tariff barriers with SAFTA coming into force w.e.f. 01.01.2006.
  5. Passenger Bus Service between Agartala and Dhaka has been started.
  6. Bangladesh has agreed to provide India access to Chittagong Port for movement of goods to and from India by road and rail, to declare Ashuganj as Port-of-call and for establishing Agartala-Akhaura Rail Link.
  7. Tripura is ideally located to become the 'Gateway to the North East India'.


The location of Tripura is strategic in the International context, being between Bangladesh on one side and South East Asia on the other. In the past, the State had natural communication link - roads, rail and waterways – with and through Bangladesh. Efforts are on for revival of these. Many major cities of Bangladesh and towns in Tripura are closely located, such as Agartala-Dhaka – 150 km; Kailashahar-Sylhet – 90 km; Sabroom­-Chittagong – 75 km; Sonamura-Comilla – 25 km etc. The direct distance between Agartala and Kolkata, through Bangladesh, is only 350 km.

India has signed seven MoU with Bangladesh for providing a coastal surveillance system, a SOP for the use of Chattogram and Mongal Ports for movement of goods, and the with drawal of 1.82 cusec of water from Feni river for supply to Tripura's Sabroom town was signed in the year 2019-20. The Rs 1,550 crore special economic zone (SEZ), to be set up along the Bangladesh border in Tripura was proposed to be a multi-sector SEZ and not just agro-based food processing SEZ. The SEZ is expected to open new avenues and attract private investment across sectors considering its proximity to Bangladesh's Chittagong international sea port. The Maitri Setu aross river Feni facilitates goods transport from the Chittagong Port of Bangladesh which is just 70 km from Sabroom in Tripura. The Govt. of Bangladesh has agreed to provide India access to Chittagong Port for movement of goods to and from India through road and rail. It has also been agreed to operationalise the Sabroom (Tripura)-Ramgarh (Bangladesh) Land Custom Station which is only about 75 km. from Chittagong Port. This will make transit through Bangladesh a reality and will make Tripura the Gateway to the North East. There are agreements to establish other transport links between Tripura and Bangladesh as well. The State is gearing to perform its natural and geographically assigned role of the Gateway to the North East India.

List of Industries under various categories

Serial No.

Name of Industrial Area


  (in Acres)


Arundhutinagar Industrial Estate

Arundhutinagar, Tripura West



Badarghat Industrial Estate

Badarghat, Tripura West



Dukli Industrial Estate

Dukli, Tripura West



Bodhjungnagar Growth Centre

Bodhjungnagar, Tripura West



Bodhjungnagar Export Promotion Industrial Park

Bodhjungnagar, Tripura West



Food Processing Technology Park

Bodhjungnagar, Tripura West



Kumarghat Industrial Estate

Kumarghat, Tripura North



Dharmanagar Industrial Estate

Dharmanagar, Tripura North



Dewanpassa Integrated Infrastructure Dev. Centre

Dewanpassa, Tripura North



Dhajnagar Industrial Estate

Dhajnagar, Tripura South



Integrated Infrastructure Dev. Centre

Tripura South

Site under selection


Integrated Infrastructure Dev. Centre


Site under selection