The State of Environment of a State refers to the prevailing conditions from two perspectives -bio physical conditions and socio-economic conditions. State of Environment Report provides a general picture of the State of the bio physical and the socio-economic conditions and understanding on how human activities affect the environmental conditions and its implications on human health and economic well -being. It also provides an out come of the responses such as policy initiatives, legislative reforms and changes in public behaviour. Thus the report may act as a report card on the conditions of the environment and natural resources stocks.

The purpose of the study is to document changes and trends in environmental conditions. Regular State of Environment reporting ensures the public, industry, NGOs and all level of Govt. Agencies access to up-to-date and scientifically accurate information about the environment. It provides basic references to enable to integrate it into sound policies to sustain ecological processes and improve quality of life now and in future.

Issues related to SoE

  • . Regularly provide the public, government, NGO, and decision makers with accurate, timely and accessible information on the condition of, and future prospects for , an nation’s environment;
  • . Facilitate the development of and review and report on an agreed set of state environmental indicators and indices
  • . Provide early warning of potential problems, as well as allowing for the evaluation of possible scenarios for the future
  • . Report on the effectiveness of policies and programs that are designed to respond to environmental change including progress towards achieving environmental standards and targets
  • . Contribute to the assessment of a state’s progress towards achieving ecological sustainability
  • . Create a mechanism for the integration of environmental, social and economic information with the goal of providing a clear picture of the state;
  • . Identify gaps in the state’s knowledge of environmental conditions and trends, and recommend strategies for research and monitoring to fill these gaps;
  • . Help decision-makers make informed judgement regarding the broad environmental consequences of social, economic, and environmental policies and plans as well as in meeting the nation’s international environmental reporting obligations.


The three basic objectives of State of Environment Report are :

a) Provide foundation for improved decision making at all levels

b) Increase awareness and understanding of environmental trends and conditions

c) Facilitate the measurement of progress towards sustainability.

Land Use
Geomorphology, Geology & Mineral Resource
Surface Water Resources and Drainage System
Ground Water
Environmental Quality
Waste Management