Tripura: Size, Location and Topography

Tripura is one of the seven states in the north eastern part of India with a geographical area of 10,491 km2. It is located in the south-west extreme corner of the north-eastern region, between latitudes 22°57' and 24°33' N and longitudes 91°10' and 92°20' E. The state is situated between the river valley of Myanmar and Bangladesh, and is bounded by Bangladesh on the north, west, south and southeast; in the east it has a common boundary with Assam and Mizoram.

Tripura is a land locked state and its geographical limits touch both national and inter national boundaries. Its length of international boundary line with Bangladesh measures 839 km. Its national boundaries with Assam and Mizoram measure 53 km and 109 km respectively.

The terrain by and large consists of parallel hills and ridges running from the northwest to the southeast direction, with alternating narrow valleys .

The range of hills rises from the plains of Sylhet in Bangladesh at the north and proceeds southwards until they join the hills of the Chittagong hill tracts in Bangladesh. The elevation of hills gradually increases in the east. The eastern range of the Jampui is situated at an elevation of 914 meters above MSL and the western range of the Baramura, Deotamura with its elevation of 244 meters above MSL is the lowest.

Sedimentary rocks which range in age from Miocene to loosely consolidated sediments of recent age represent the geology of the state. The rocks are sandstone, siltstone and shale grading into clay. These rock types are repeated as layers, one above the other. Depending on their character and the presence of fossils, these sedimentary rock sequences are divided into Surma group, Tipam group and the Dupitila group. From the nature of the grains and the texture imprinted on these rocks, it is inferred that originally the sediments were deposited in the sea and later converted into rocks. The recent fluvial deposits occupy quite a large part of south Tripura district. The sedimentary rocks are deformed and folded.