VIDEO LIST (Single Click on the images to play)
The film in English has been prepared by BAIF and translated into Bengali (with permission of BAIF) by Tripura State Pollution Control Board. The concept of the film is basically Do’s and Don’ts about different aspect on environment. It is a film of 36 minutes 12 seconds. 36:12
There are eleven major rivers in the state of Tripura. This documentary film of 1 hour 13 minutes and 33 seconds has been prepared in Bengali by Sri Debasish Saha and sponsored by Tripura State Pollution Control Board. In this film the past and the present conditions of the rivers has been depicted. 01:13:33
A very attractive video for kids to understand environment and nature. 04:32
Green Skill Development Programme sponsored by MoEF&CC conducted by Tripura ENVIS Hub at Tripura State Pollution Control Board on two topics. One being Waste Management and the other is Pollution Monitors: Air & Water Pollution. 09:11
A message from Tripura ENVIS Hub on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic 01:31
A short film on steps for sustainable future inline with Mission LiFE by Holycross School, Agartla 01:31
An introduction to Mission LiFE with various aspects of it 01:12
An awareness video on banned Single Use Plastic items and its alternatives 01:14
An awareness video on taking simple step to reduce waste of energy. 00:17
An awareness video on International E-Waste Day 00:45
An awareness video on stopping use of Single Use Plastic items 00:15
An awareness video to adopt healthy lifestyle and plant trees. 00:35